Priorities Series

Old Town, New Flames

Prior Commitment (Book #1)

Casey Bridge knows what people are thinking, whether he wants to or not. When he returns to Pryor, Washington, he’s roped into helping with the town’s annual Christmas Carnival—as though they didn’t shun him and his entire family for years. But when he hears something worrying in a stranger’s thoughts, he can’t keep himself from jumping in to help--repeatedly.

Noel’s life is falling apart, and his last possible refuge is in little old Pryor, Washington. When that fails him, he spirals down into depression… and luckily lands in the arms of a local psychic. A very attractive local psychic with a very strong saving-people-streak. Will that be enough to save him or will they be waylaid by a prior commitment?


Prior Affair (Book #2)

Garrett Bridge can see the future. Not when it’s convenient for him, of course, but when its important. So when he sees a man getting out of a car, he can’t help but wonder why he needed that information. But when he does, it starts a whirlwind romance full of fun. And full of a lot of nearly avoided disasters.

Smith Meyers has always been intrigued by problems, puzzles, and mysteries. When a young man saves him in the street one day, it’s the beginning of a new enigma for him to try and unravel. Wrapped up in that enigma is a whole mess of lust and other emotions to cloud his inquisitive mind. Which side of him will prevail?


Prior Engagement (Book #3)

Patrick Bridge was never given the family's psychic gift, but he still went into the business, filling out astrology charts and reading the tarot for anyone with twenty bucks to offer. When he visits home for a job, a figure from his past steps right up to him. And at the Valentine's Fair, no less. And this man's tarot card follows Patrick from reading to reading so he can't ignore it. Is this a sign of something to be treasured, or just another headfirst fall into the cliffs of love-gone-wrong?

Morgan Woods didn't expect anything spectacular coming back home for his niece's wedding, but an old friend rekindles old desires. Those desires lead Morgan into nights of reminiscence and comfort and tangled sheets, but can he overcome his own nerves, or will this all fall apart? If it does, he knows he won't have anyone to blame but himself.


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