Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Writing Story

I hear this question a lot from readers, established authors, aspiring writers – people seem to want to know where authors they like got their start, what the process was. So, I thought I’d share it here. It isn’t the most boring story ever-written, but I won’t say that it’s as thrilling as American Horror Story or anything like that (I’ve finally been watching to get all caught up – so far Coven is by far the best.).

This is something I have spoken about before, but you might not have heard it. I started in high school. I know that seems a little cliché, but I was essentially publishing erotica in high school, all on my own. I would write, edit, format, and print it out, and then distribute it. And I earned myself a fair reputation for it, as well. Guys who weren’t out yet would wait until they saw me going off on my own for the bathroom or whatnot and ask me if I had “any more stories.” The ones who were out didn’t wait for me to be alone, of course. It was a minor, underground sort of fame, but I was the only one daring to do this thing, and the stories spread all around. I think there are still some out there that I haven’t ever gotten back.

After that, I went dormant for a good bit. I started writing and publishing science fiction/fantasy as Voss Foster, but I eventually started back into the erotica writing. It started, well before newsletters were dominating the author marketing scene the way they are now, with me sending my stories out to people for free via email (This is the reason everything attached to my author self is de Hart’s List.). Eventually, I moved into writing short stories for various anthologies. I can’t remember for sure what the order on these are, so bear with me on that, but I’m pretty sure the first one I got into was Roboterotica from the now defunct Pill Hill Press. Several others followed. Geek Lust, 12 Days of Kinkmas, Pay for Play, Beach Bums, Blood in the Rain. I was reliably publishing short stories that I sent out.

And at that point, I tried my hand at something longer. Now, even though Wild Ride ended up picked up by a house… well, it’s crap. It’s an awful book, and I’ll admit that openly. But I got better. I wrote Street Magic, which got picked up by Storm Moon, and I wrote Silverfall and started the Hearts of Madijak series. Which is where I am today, as I sit here writing this. I’m a Loose Id author and nearly done with the first draft of Hearts of Madijak Book Two (Heart of Absolution). I have submissions with most of the major M/M houses as we speak.

That’s my authorial story, in a four-hundred-ish word nutshell. I hope it wasn’t too dull for you. If so, I apologize and will provide sexy-ass men at a later date to compensate.


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