Wednesday, July 27, 2016

State of the Bird

(The bird would be me. Raven. I made a pun.)

Hello once again, my lovelies. I feel like I’ve been a bit neglectful lately. I’ve been perhaps a bit obsessed with checking the numbers on my latest book. But they’re good numbers.

For the time being, I figure it’s a good time to just catch up with all of you. So… how are you? Is everything wonderful? Have you had any good wine lately (Personally, I found a Beaujolais at my local Safeway a couple months back for about 13 dollars, so my wine friends and I were thoroughly overjoyed.)? Any good sex? I’ve been out of the loop – fill me back in, darlings!

As for the state of authorial things? Things are surprisingly good, to be quite honest with all of you. The launch for Heart of a Pirate was incredible, and sales are still coming in. I made the choice to put it in Kindle Unlimited, so it’s also available for subscribers to borrow, and I’ve been getting a steady flow of page reads on it since then.

After I get done writing this post and doing a few other silly bureaucratic things, I’m going to start the initial draft of Hearts of Madijak Book Two, which is Kelt’s story. I worked up the outline and character bios a couple days ago, and those are printed off and waiting. I think this one’s going to be really good. I mean, I’m not entirely impartial, but this storyline excites me. I tend to write a lot of political intrigue as The Other Me, and this is skirting close to that. Worlds colliding and all that. At the very least, I’m looking forward to writing this book quite a lot more than I expected.

Other projects? Well, there’s nothing set in stone at all right now, but in the spirit of an open exchange between us, I have a book sitting with Loose Id. My editor passed it on to the editor in chief, and once she reviews it, I’ll find out whether they’d like to make an offer on it. It’s the first in a series of small-town paranormal romances. Five books, with the potential for more. If it turns out Loose Id isn’t interested, then I’ll make sure to keep you all abreast of how things are playing out.

Beyond that, I have a yearly schedule laid out. It’s looking at about 9-10 books per year, in various stages of completion. Between now and June 2017, I’ve got nine on the docket, and five of them are set to be for this name. The other four are for The Other Me, including the one I just finished up.

As for life? Well, it’s been a bit rocky. I’ve got a dog battling cancer, and another one who had a tumor removed (That one was benign, thankfully.). I’ve also been walking a dear friend of mine through a pretty rough round of depression. But I’ve cooked some amazing food, done some work on websites, and have generally been expanding myself as a person. Or at least attempting to. I’m planning to get myself fluent in German again, as well. That should make me extra cuddly, right?

And I think that’s all there is to say, my darlings! I hope you have an amazing day, and an amazing year. And if you haven’t subscribed to my new Newsletter yet, there’s a link at the top of the blog. Give it a peek.


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