Monday, June 13, 2016

Update: A Book is Coming!

Things are happening, darlings! I know I tend to say that a lot, but I’ve actually got the wine bottle open this time.

All right, I always have the wine bottle open, too. But things are happening. I’m working on a book! Working on getting it ready for publication this time. Now, you’ve seen the cover before, but I’ll post it here again.

Lovely, isn’t he? The release date will be this month, my lovelies, and I think it’s going to be well worth all the hype and waiting I’ve put you through.

When can you snatch yourself up a copy of Heart of a Pirate? Well, I hate making commitments (If you make them, you can break them.), but I’m looking at publication on June 28th. You’ll get my sexy little pirate, his sexy little farmhand, and your introduction to the world of Madijak.

I figure I can talk about that for a second, at least. Heart of a Pirate is the start of my secondary world/romance crossover. I’ve attempted to poke at something like this before, with Wild Ride, but I’d like to think this is an improvement. I’ve dug a lot deeper into the world and into the characters than I did with that book. That’s not to say Wild Ride is bad. But Heart of a Pirate has a lot more time behind it, and a lot more experience to bring to bear. I’ve been doing this more, and I think it shows through in this book.

Plus this book is… a bit bigger. Or a lot bigger. There’s more of an experience that we can share on those pages. More than anything I’ve put out to date. It’s almost twice as long as Silverfall, which was an admittedly short book. And it’s about quadruple what Wild Ride is.

Why did I want to write something that’s a bit… strange? Because I love fantasy and science fiction… if you couldn’t tell. But there’s actually something specific that I can link this particular project to. It’s Catherynne Valente. If you haven’t read her work, I highly recommend it, The Orpahn’s Tales in particular. What she does with her world in those books got my brain doing somersaults. I tire of the same, Middle Ages Anglo-Saxon fantasy worlds we see time and again. The Orphan’s Tales was perfect to satiate that craving. She tossed the norms out the window. She wanted to tell stories about manticores and falling stars and shahs and cities of amber. And she didn’t tell herself no. She didn’t let the world censor that. She went straight for it and delivered in a very big way.

It told me that I needed to go for it, that I needed to have the fortitude to put fingers to the keys and write the books that I wanted to read. And these were them.

I say these not because there’s more than one book, but because there will be. One of the beautiful things about independent publishing and e-publishing is the opportunity to do big series. Before this all hit and became viable, a massive series was incredibly rare, and when they did happen, it was almost always multiple authors. I’m talking about thirty, forty books. That’s what we’re looking at with these. I have, at this point, thirty-eight books in the Hearts of Madijak series planned out, in one sense or another. Some of them are more fleshed out than others, but they’re all at least conceived of. So… you know, a few books. Nothing overly ambitious, right?

And before we get there, yes, these are going to come out faster than the first one. I don’t plan on living another three hundred years to finish out the series. Heart of a Pirate was also a learning experience, figuring out how to balance the two plotlines (Romance and political intrigue, if you’re curious.), how to write something that bloody long. The others will come a lot more easily, now that I’ve made it through to the end. I can see a finished product and go “Okay, this is how things are supposed to work. This is how I want the series to feel.”

And… that’s that for now. Keep a look out for more updates, and for the release of the book at the end of the month, darlings!


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