Friday, January 22, 2016

New Book Announcement: Street Magic

Huzzah, darlings! Raise a glass, because it’s time for a new book!

After a long and somewhat turbulent path to publication, Street Magic is finally about to hit shelves. Well, digital shelves, at any rate. Close enough. It’ll be available, and that’s enough reason to crack a bottle or two of the good wine, as far as I’m concerned. The really good wine.

Sometimes magic tricks are more than mere illusions. Street magician Axel Rye understands that better than most -- his magic is real. If a mundane ever learns the truth, the Magisters will show no mercy. Getting close puts everyone at risk, which is why Axel knows he's in it deep with his latest crush.

Nick works in a tattoo shop on Axel's favorite busking pitch. If there's one thing Axel has learned, it's that magicians and mundanes don't mix, but he can't seem to stay away. It's only a matter of time before his magic is exposed, and his budding romance might lead to an even bigger problem. Drawing the wrong kind of attention might be the last mistake he ever makes, and it will put his powers, his lover, and his very life on the line.

So keep an eye out on your favorite retailers, and over on the Storm Moon Press store. The book releases on January 29th!


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