Friday, September 25, 2015

Update: Two New Books, a New Short, and... My Endless Love?

Hello, hello, Darlings! I realized I needed to pop by, because there's been quite a bit of news piling up on my end, and I thought I should share it with you.

First off, if you haven't heard, I have a new book coming out through Loose Id. Keep a look out for Silverfall if you're interested in some snarky humor and a sexy unicorn shifter. It's currently slated to come out at the end of October.

Also, after much waiting, Street Magic is finally on the move again. The cover artist is at work, the manuscript is being proofed, and there's not much left to do. I don't have a date on that one, unfortunately, but keep an eye on Storm Moon Press to see what's up with that, as well.

As for the short story... well, that's a bit of a long story. Now, I had written something for a call. They wanted erotic stories about blind vampires. Pretty specific, but I thought I could do it. But by the time I got it written, the word count had been changed, and my piece was far too short. You can imagine my horror at that, darlings.

But, a few months later, I saw the call for Blood in the Rain and I said "Okay, sure." I wasn't doing anything else with the story, so I sent it off there. It was a good story. There was no reason to leave it sit when there was a perfectly viable market there. And since they wanted Pacific Northwest Authors, it was an exciting prospect for me.

Well, I made it into the antho. Again, I don't have a date, but it should be soon. They say it's going to be out in time for Halloween, so I would place my guess at early-mid October. Keep your eye on Cwtch Press for more info on that.

And as for the endless love? Well, that's what I feel for all of you. You've stuck through me with this whole thing, even though I sometimes disappear for unspecified, unannounced periods of time, and I'm still working to peg down a regular release schedule. You're here. Even if you're knew, that means that you are willing to give this old broad a chance. And I love you for that.

Now, go have some wine. No, not the cheap stuff. You deserve better.


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