Friday, July 31, 2015

A Quick Shout into the Void

My darlings, I have to apologize for the total and complete radio silence… and all other types of silence. It’s been a big, strenuous time for me, trying to cram quite a bit of work in around taking care of the dogs and very important procrastination that needed attending to. Yes, that’s basically what it was – procrastination.

But I did get some work done while I was working. I edited Silverfall and am currently sending it around to publishers in the hopes of it getting picked up. If it does, then prepare yourself for some sexy unicorn shifters (Written before Chuck Tingle made unicorns popular, too.). I also sent out the first book of my big, sexy fantasy series to beta readers, so I’m gathering up the wine necessary to make it through their notes.

Judging from what I’ve heard about it so far, I’m going to need a lot more wine that I currently have. Oh, the woes of living in a small, mostly dry town. It makes my poor old heart ache.

Aside from that? I haven’t really been doing much. A few plotting things here and there, planning for a big trip to a convention, watching the feeds come in from RWA Nationals over the last week. All that fun stuff that I would be doing anyway. But as of today, I’m back on the horse… mostly because I looked at my production schedule and realized just how far behind I could end up if I didn’t start working again immediately.

I will try to be better about posting, too. In the meantime… have this picture to sate yourself, darlings:


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