Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tiny Tale Tuesday: Silk

I stroked the bed sheets, feeling cool silk beneath my fingers. Pale silk, like cream, barely visible in the flickering candlelight. I sighed and stared up at the ceiling. Orange played over the plaster ceiling, spots and shadows and light all dancing together.


I lifted my head. Seth stood there, his cock hard and curled up to his belly button. I traced the lines of his abs, dark skin with even darker shadows. Round nipples stood pert. A shadow of a beard lay across his jaw. Golden-brown eyes fixed into me, bright and alive. Thick lips drew up over brilliantly white teeth.

I nodded at him, lifted my hands and spread out my arms. He stepped forward, steps muffled by the thick carpeting. He lowered himself on top of me, all heat and weight and hard muscle. He pressed me deeper into the mattress, deeper into the heat and softness. He smelled like a wet day, rain and damp earth and wood and leather. Like a man.

His fingertips traced a smooth line down my face, my neck, my shoulder, my chest. He grazed across my nipple, flickering heat and lightning down deep into my core. It constricted, tightening my breath, and left me lightheaded as his hand trailed farther down. Across my ribs and down along my hip. I closed my eyes, fell into silk and warm. He traced the familiar lines, three inked circles. He knew them better than I did, always touched them, kissed them.

Lower still. I curled up the sheet in my fists as he wrapped rough fingers around my shaft. He stroked up and down, shooting waves of ice and fire down into my balls, up my spine. It blossomed out to fill my whole body, then receded. A cycle, intensifying each time. I whimpered and groaned through tight lips. My jaw tightened, forcing my teeth together. My arms lifted, pulling the silk up with it.

And then he stopped. I looked up into his eyes. He still smiled, and he looked unreal in the firelight. Ethereal and shadowy and perfect. “Are you ready for more?”

I laughed and wrapped my hands behind his neck, pulled him down lower to me. “I’m always ready for you, Seth.”

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