Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tiny Tale Tuesday: Flames

The flames didn’t burn, only warmed my skin from afar, warmed the bedsheets, threw everything into stark light. Rian towered above me, the brightness dancing across his slender frame. The tattoos across his body seemed to swim and undulate, alive, separate from him. Maybe they were. It wouldn’t have surprised me.

He slipped into the bed beside me. His skin so cool and the fire so warm. He kissed me, scraped tiny fangs along my lower lip. I shuddered and wrapped my arms around him. I wouldn’t keep him forever, but I could manage for now. For a few hours. As fleeting as the flames surrounding us.

His eyes danced with brightness, gleaming gold and silver and brass. Inhuman and perfect. He dragged a thin finger down my cheek and onto my chest. I shivered again, wanted him, needed him. My cock ached, begged me to attend to my needs. And to attend to his. I walked my hands along his back, down to his hips. No sweat, no sign that he’d ringed us in fire.

I slipped a finger into his crack and traced it along the tender skin, felt the tiniest shake when I brushed across his hole. Back and forth, pressing harder each time. Again, he kissed me. His tongue slipped into my mouth like ice, drew circles over my cheeks, lines across the edges of my teeth.

I pushed my finger forward. Resistance. His body tightened as the first knuckle slid in. At last, warmth. Deep in him, my hand pressed all the way to the flesh. I circled my finger through it, pressed against the hard ring of muscles. He moaned and dived down, pushed the sound into my mouth. The air smelled of smoke and he tasted of oak wood and the strong wine we’d drank all night.

Another finger in. He hardened, cock sliding up my thigh. Wetness streaked up as he grew. I reached down with my free hand, stroked across the tip, drew circles there as I worked deeper and harder at his hole. His moaning and whimpering only increased, loudened. It leaked out, no longer contained by our mouths. The flames flew higher and higher, burned brighter. Sweat beaded up all across my body, dripped onto the rough blanket beneath us.

I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, stroked top to bottom and back again. My fingers pumped in and out of his ass. His arms tightened. He bit down on my lip. The colors of his eyes flashed faster and faster, and still the flames burned more and more.

Finally, he pulled away, breathless. A single rivulet of sweat streaked down his cheek, glinting in the flames. “I need you now.”

I nodded. I could settle for a few hours of this.

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