Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tiny Tale Tuesday: Sol and Lun

The wind surrounded us, caressed our skin as we floated along thermals, brushed fingertips through pale clouds. Tzoriel’s wings beat slowly, glimmering in pure sunlight. His hands wrapped around my shoulders, dragged lines of passion down my back, down my chest, across my stomach.

We jolted higher again, swirling and twirling, our mouths knotted together, tongues sliding. He tasted of juniper and honey, so much sweeter than any mortal dalliance. I tangled my fingers in white-blonde curls and flapped to push us ahead, faster. I grew hard against his thigh, but he never allowed, never sped his approach. Always solid and steady. My Tzoriel.

The wind chilled my skin as we crept ever higher. Goosepimples raised along my arms and my back. I clenched my body against the shivering. We followed the line of the mountains, up past the snow and ice and cragged stones. A moment of lightheadedness, but it passed.

High enough in the air, there is no sound. Only what you bring with you. I could almost hear his heartbeat up there. Tzoriel’s breath was the only heat I had.

He pulled back from our kiss and smiled, then wrapped his wings around me, a cocoon of softness and brightness. We plummeted, faster and faster, the earth coming closer. My heart thudded in my ears even as his lips rode the taut cords of my neck, pressed to my skin. I sighed, let him carry me through the panic. I had no choice but to trust him. The exhilaration hummed through my cock, hardening it, readying me.

As the sounds of life approached again, his wings spread wide. Feet from death, he pulled us up, up and up to a plateau of gray rock. We collapsed together and he sucked in my bottom lip, grazed hard teeth across it.

When he pulled back, he offered me that smile again. His eyes gleamed golden and pale. “Are you ready?”

I’d been ready since we took off.

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