Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tiny Tale Tuesday: Sol and Lun

At the top of the hill, Sol waited, his body bathed in bright white light. He stared up at the sky, fixed his gaze on the pale orb of the moon set into the blue. For once, together, night and day.

A gentle, familiar rustle in the grass drew Sol’s attention behind him. A ghostly, silver form walked up the hill, brightening with each step closer. “I had assumed you wouldn’t make it.” A voice like a soft breeze blowing through the dimness of evening. “I’m glad you did.”

Sol didn’t respond, just bridged the space between them. He wrapped brilliant arms around Lun’s hard body, lost sight of him in the reflected brightness. He wrapped warm lips over the cool, traced shallow, circular scars that covered his silver form. His cock grew hard just being this close to Lun, and he pressed his hips closer, ground himself against Lun. Only here on this hill, and only when the full moon hung in the morning sky. Otherwise, they remained bound only to look at each other.

Sol did look. He stared longingly for years before he could finally bring himself to step out of the light, touch Lun’s pale perfection. And since, they waited for the moment their bonds would loosen again. Moments like this.

Sol bent down, wrapped his lips around the shaft of silvery flesh. It was hard and cool against his cheeks, on his tongue. Lun shuddered as Sol sucked, slid slowly up and down. Cold hands wove through the golden fire of Sol’s hair, knotted it, day around night. It only urged Sol on, made him want it that much more. He took the cock deeper, all the way to the back of his throat. It slid easily, like cool water. The only thing that could ever chill Sol’s flames.

He let himself slide off and looked up into solid black eyes. “How long?” Only Lun’s time was so limited. Eventually, the moon would disappear, and the sun would remain there in the sky for hours and hours.

“Not enough.” He unwound his fingers, stroked a smooth hand down Sol’s cheek. “But time for this.” He lowered himself to his knees. The grass came up around them as they lay, lips against lips, fire and ice, stone and light mingling together. No matter how much he tried, Sol could never capture the sensation, the feel of that icy body, the press of solid silver, the hardness of Lun’s cock riding against his thigh. Yet he relished it all the same, longed for it. Love, he couldn’t say, but the passion between them flared too bright when they were together. So bright the hilltop glowed, just as it did that day, as they lay together.

Lun wrapped long, stiff fingers around Sol’s shaft and stroked, pounded his fist from base to tip and back again. “I wish we had more time.”

“So do I.” Always more time, always the same wish. And always unanswered.

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