Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tiny Tale Tuesday: Elf/Wild

The backroom of Elf/Wild thrums with the beat of drums from the club proper. The rhythm plays to my own heartbeat, washes over my naked body like warm water. I can't see past the shadow spell cast across my eyes. But there, just barely audible over everything else, Natir's footsteps.

I finally approached him that night, and I finally had enough money to afford time alone with him. The most sought after consort in all of New London. Lovely to look at, but most elves are.

His footsteps stop. My breath hitches. Something delicate and soft caresses my chest, circles my nipple.

Natir's voice runs silken over my skin, breath warm and scented with sweet wine. "You can't see?"


A snap meets my ears. "Can you speak?"

I try and the words ricochet back at me, unspoken. I can't even move my lips.

"Good. All you have to do is think. If things go too far for you, the magic will break."

And the nothing more. .Only footsteps and rums and my heart. Clanging metal, wood against stone. Maybe just making noise. I can't tell, and the nervousness builds in my core, tingles under my skin. I wait, feeling dizzy and lightheaded. The noise stops, leaving me alone. So alone, and simply waiting for the touch of a flog or a paddle or even a hand.

Something dances delicate across my chest. I tighten at the touch. It almost tickles, but not quite. Natir's voice fills the room. "Try to relax."

And it begins. First a warmth on my chest, but that builds and builds until it snaps. A sharp jolt of pain, electricity. Just a split second, but enough that I squirm. Natir's magic holds me strong, and another jolt comes, lower this time. They run in a line down my stomach, down into my bush, and then into my cock. I yelp against the magical gag and no sound comes out. It still leans toward pleasure, only brought into stronger focus by the jabs of pain.

Now down to my balls. Not a jolt, this time, and not as painful. But constant, a tingling surrounding by balls, flowing back to my taint. If not for the magic holding me in place, I would back away. But still, I have no desire for it to stop.

When it stops, the room seems so large around me, the music so distant. I relish in the hard beating of my heart. Another snap and the gag vanishes. The blindfold as well. I take in Natir's slender face in the dark. Gold and silver tattoos snake across his bare chest and abdomen. Bright scarlet hair flows free across his shoulders.

Natir smiles. "Did you enjoy that?"


"Good. You paid for the night. And I find you fascinating. I intend to make this last as long as possible. Do you approve?"


"Good." Another snap and no more sight, no more speech. Just Natir and his touch and the drums of Elf/Wild.

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