Monday, March 30, 2015

REVIEW: Writing Erotica for Beer Money

Darlings, I was planning to come back a little bit later, and with something a little better than this. That's still happening, I promise, but something's got my hackles up, so to speak, and I need to speak on it.

Now, normally I don't review books. There are a number of reasons for that. It can look bad sometimes, with one author reviewing another. Or it can lead to hurt feelings among colleagues. And frankly, I find I'm not terribly good at writing reviews. But I read a book last night, and I couldn't contain myself.

I know, the cover isn't exactly my normal fare. But I had confidence in my ability to look past the breasts and see the advice within. The title made it sound like it would be kind of cute, maybe a little quirky, and pretty fun. And it was free, so I took a chance at it.

I wish I hadn't.

The Good:
The writing itself wasn't in any way bad, although it could have used a good proofreading. And the advice on branding covers was very much useful, if already pretty well-known to anyone in the industry. For people just starting, I would definitely say to pay attention to that section.

The Bad:
It honestly felt partially done, like there should have been three times as much book. Dalia Daudelin (so far as I can tell, Michael Meadows didn't really do much in this book) would start in on something, a list of 'kinks' for example. And, after a handful, she would move on, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. There just simply needed to be more of the information that was given, and it would have made a big improvement.

Now, so far it's pretty peaceable. No reason for me to get all in a tizzy. But we're not done. We still have...

The Ugly:
This book was overflowing with ugliness, and that is why I felt the need to review this book, to warn people off from it. Please, if you think you'd like to write erotica, avoid this book. You can find the same (and better) information on blogs and websites all over the internet. Or approach an erotica or erotic romance author. I can't say that everyone will be willing to help, but a number of us will, myself included.

Throughout Beer Money, there's a pervasive feeling that the author(s) don't enjoy writing erotica and, even worse, look down on those who do. According to this book, when people are reading erotica, they just want the same story told over and over. When people are reading erotica, they don't care about typos or story inconsistencies. When people are reading erotica, they don't care about realism at all.

As an erotica author, I find it offensive that they have this distaste for the genre they write in. But that's small. That's their business and, if the numbers quoted can be believed, it's bringing in 2000 dollars a month. So more power to them on that. But to feel that way about erotica/erotic romance readers? That is offensive. That is beyond the pale.

Succinctly, that is fucked up.

I'm not going to say to stop reading the books by these authors. That's not my place. Reading is about enjoyment. What I'm saying is specific to this one book: there's better there. Much, much better.


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