Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Hop: Mumford the Mummy

The music wound down from thudding bass. We pushed together, squeezing out the last two inches of air between our abdomens, our chests, our crotches. Hardness pressed into my thigh, heat. I looked into Mummy's eyes, brushed a stray bandage out of his face and back behind his ear. The grey makeup had faded as the night wore on, revealing streaks of tanned skin. Contacts paled his eyes to blue-white.

His hand slid down my back, under the waistline of my pants, and cupped my ass. "So, now, what are you, again?"

"A ghoul." I bared the dollar-store teeth in a snarl, but just ended up laughing and leaning into Mummy's chest. "I had a good time."

"Me too." I plucked at his bandages to open a space, then slid my hand up underneath, rubbed my thumb in circles around his nipple. "Do you maybe want to unwind?"

"Mummy joke." The corners of his mouth pulled up. "How long where you saving that one?"

I shrugged. "Just came to me."

"That's ghoul." He leaned his head down and wrapped his lips around mine. He gave my ass another squeeze, forcing me harder against him. As the beat picked up, I ground my hips against him, growing harder, tenting out against the torn slacks. I tried not to blush, but I was pretty sure from the heat I was. At least the makeup would hide it. I hoped. But embarrassed or not, I wasn't going to stop or slow down or anything else stupid like that.

I pulled a new slit open in his wrappings and headed down. I kept expecting to hit underwear, but I found bush instead, rough and thick. My fingers brushed taut, hot flesh. Fuck it. I wormed my hand down deeper and wrapped my fingers around the shaft, stroked slowly. The tip was wet with precome. It coated my fingers.

Mummy kissed me again, licked along the roof of my mouth, the edges of my teeth. He pulled away enough to speak and whispered, "My place?"

"How close is it?"

"A couple blocks."

"Perfect." I sighed and pulled my hand out. The strobe lights reflected from the thin veneer of slickness on my fingers. I licked up my finger and swallowed the musty, salty liquid. "I'm Darren."



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Saturday, October 11, 2014

National Coming Out Day: A Message

I know it's late, darlings, but I won' take much of your time.

See, it's National Coming Out Day, and I wanted to put this out there:

I love you. Even if you think nobody else in this world will love you after you step out of that closet, you're wrong. I can't promise anyone else. I don't have that power. But I can promise you that I'l be waiting for you in the living room with a glass of wine when you step your way out.

Please come out. You'll be happier for it.