Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiny Tale Tuesday: Zero G

Music thrummed, echoing off the sleek walls. Bright, multicolored lights flashed to the beat. I hung out at the edge of the cylindrical room, watching as scantily clad men floated by. My fingers wrapped around a cold metal handle, keeping me in place. Everything smelled of sweat.

Zero G wasn't the first orbital night club to be launched, but it was one of the most successful. And, you know, the best gay crowd out of any of them. Every Tuesday and Sunday. Not a big bone to get thrown to us, but I was good with it. At least until we got an actual orbital gay bar.

There. Just above me. An open handhold at the top. I pushed off against the wall, headed through the crowd. The windows were up there. I didn't get to them every night, but I always tried. Tonight, I had one. Just a three by six window. But the stars. They were endless. Millions of them. Stars and planets, brightness and color twinkling out there beyond reach.

"Hey." A voice from behind me, cutting across the music. "They're something, aren't they?" The slightest hint of a lisp. A heat floated up next to me. I saw brown hair and pale skin out of the corner of my eye. I heard him sigh. His breath fogged the porthole. "There could be anything. As weird as it is on Earth, we just couldn't even fathom what's out there. Our little minds would blow up."

I looked over at him. Blue-green eyes, sharp eyebrows, a string of wooden beads with a cross around his neck and strung through a gauged ear piercing. He tongued one of the beads up into his mouth and bit it, flashing bright white teeth.

I shook my head. "Does that line actually work?"

He spat out the bead. "You tell me. Does it?"

"No." I pulled closer. What the hell? It wasn't outer space, but this view was damn nice, itself. "But you don't need to talk." I pressed my lips against his, tasting the remnants of white wine in his mouth. Sweet and cheap. Like a good man.

His hand wrapped around me, squeezed into my butt. His hair fell into my face, tickling, filling my nose with floral shampoo and sweat and cologne.

I released the bar holding me in place and we floated, supported only by each other as we drifted around the club. My pants tightened. I ground against him, felt his hardness against my own. His hand pulled me even closer to him. His heart beat against my bare chest, skin to skin, warm to warm.

He pulled away, but stayed so close I couldn't properly focus. His cross pendant rested against the center of my chest. Each word washed humid breath across my skin. "Do you want to go find some privacy?

"Does that line ever work?"

"You bet your ass."

He won that bet.

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