Monday, July 28, 2014

Writing News

It's been a while darlings, I know. My last publication… well, we won't talk about how long ago it was. I've left you in the lurch, but I'm fixing that. Here's how, darlings.

My newest novella, Street Magic, was sent off to Storm Moon Press, and they're currently looking at the full. I should hear back from them on that any day now, so here's hoping. It's my first real foray into the world of contemporary fantasy, so we'll see how well that works out for everyone.

I also have a few short stories submitted about this great thing we call the Internet. My first, and probably last, vampire story, See, is under consideration for the Darkly Erotic anthology from Elektrik Milkbath Press. I know, I shouldn't discount vampires outright. But I can't help it. They've never been my favorites.

The Birth of Samuel Angel, weird western erotica, is being looked at for Like a Haunted Trail through Circlet Press. They're one of my favorite houses, and this is one of my favorite shorts I've written. I had a lot of fun mucking about with the old west. Just like Bonanza… but with more sex. In fact, I liked playing in the setting so much, I jumped into it again for Cleis Press' Cowboy Up anthology. Blink is one of my lighter stories, but I quite enjoy it.

Now, of course, none of these are sure things. But I wanted to keep everyone updated. I am still working, and I am still here, frantically typing away. All for your benefit. Why? Because I love you.

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