Monday, July 14, 2014

Truth in Aesthetics

Darlings, Darlings, happy end of the weekend! I hope yours was as fabulous as mine. Many shots of vodka were taken, and a few of them may or may not have started by licking sugar off a set of chiseled abs.

I plead the fifth on that one, darlings.

But all of that got me thinking about beauty and attraction. People familiar with my work will probably be able to tell you that I don't always hold true to traditional Western aesthetics. In fact, I'd say about half the time, I skew off from that. Why? I like those kinds of things. I don't have any issue with my romantic interest being pudgy in the middle. My main characters are allowed to have hooked noses and beady eyes. I don't believe in perfection, and when I see Photoshopped 'perfect' beauty displayed on the Internet, I don't like it. Not nearly as much as I like seeing the sexy model with a gap between his two front teeth.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Yes, it's good, or no, being unrealistic is perfectly all right in these fantasies? I want to know, darlings. And, if you do like this sort of thing, perhaps consider subscribing. I'll give you a glass of wine if you do.


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