Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tiny Tale Tuesday: A Pound of Tea

I saw him again. It was the third time he'd come into the store in just as many days to buy a pound of tea. I don't know of anyone, even the most avid tea drinker, who goes through a pound of tea in a day. He came for another reason. Me. It had to be me. The way he smiles and winks at me when I ring him up. It isn't about tea.

I let hot water pound away the day's worries and stresses. When I close my eyes, he fills my mind. Dimples set deep into his cheeks. A mop of coffee brown hair, the ends curling into a mess. A mole just to the right of a perfectly black eye. Khaki cargo shorts that ride the curves and dips of his hips. The flash of bare skin I got today when he bent over to pick up that old lady's purse. My hand trails down my body, into soaking wet bush and deeper, clutching at my hard-on.

Him bent over. His pants slipping down. My hand slapping against a pale brown cheek. He whimpers at the strike and winks over his shoulder.

My thumb glides across the tip of my dick, sending a spasm up into my guts. Water pouring off my body against the porcelain becomes white noise.

His fingers curl into fists around the support beams of our shelves. I slip my dick between two cheeks, feeling the warm sweat coating my shaft. I find the hole and slide in. Tight. Hot. He groans, his back tightening.

I feel it deep down in my balls, rising, threatening.

Each time I pound against him, skin slaps against skin. Bags of tea, dried herbs, and flowers fall to the floor around our feet, perfuming the shop as the heat of sunlight cascades around them. I breathe it in, relishing the way it mixes with the animal musk dripping from our bodies. The rattling of nearly bare metal shelves plays counterpoint to the percussion of body against body, the tenor of his heaving groans, the steady bass of heartbeat in my ears.

I breathe in the steam of my shower. It's tinged with sex. My legs numb, the sensation flooding upward. I can't feel my knees. Next my thighs. I struggle for breath.

My back arches. I thrust into him again, a final, resounding crash as my hips slam against the soft cushion of tender skin. Heat floods up from my twitching balls and out into him. A link.

I collapse against the wall of the shower. Flowing water rinses the remnants of white from my dick and hand. I bring a single lingering thread of it to my lips and suck it from my thumb.


He comes in again. My dick twitches to life. I smile at him and pretend not to know that he's here for me.

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