Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Bums and the Importance of Staying Natural

One of these days, I'll learn to update more regularly, I hope.

Just last night, I got fabulous news--I've been accepted into the upcoming Cleis Press anthology Beach Bums, due out this summer--so you'll have ample time to read it before the end of the world. It's an anthology of only the sexiest of beach-going guys, and what happens when they find more than seashells in the surf.

Also, on getting those edits, I was reminded of something. Not by the editor, but by the little voice that translates things in my head. I was reading, and I was reminded that the best, sparkliest passages are the ones that you allow to breathe, to live a little. Don't pay attention to that stupid voice that tells you it's not proper to write a certain word or phrase--if it feels right, put it in. If nothing else, you can edit it out later, right?

My preaching is over, so I have to go back to fawning over my lovely Beach Bums contract now.


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