Friday, December 23, 2011

On Writing Kinks

Before we begin, my lovelies, I have to tell you right now that this is not about writing fetish fiction. I won't get into the details on what the precise differences are, but for those that know and stumble into this article, I understand the differences between fetishes and kinks.

And so we begin.

Writing 'kinky' fiction is, in point of fact, a different art than writing your basic (contemporary) graphic romance. Maybe not as different as, say, a spaghetti western and literary bizzaro, but as different as science fiction and fantasy. In science fiction, you blow things up with antimatter, and in fantasy you wave your wand and it explodes. The same is true here. In contemporary erotic fiction, the characters get off the 'old-fashioned' way. In kinky fiction, they get off through spanking, latex, leather, ropes, hot wax, and all variety of more and less risky or generally accepted activities.

As with anything, you need to show a respect. You might think you know about bondage play, but do you actually know, or are you getting into it on too shallow of a level. Yes, the R-word--research. Talk to people, read, and, if you're daring enough, give it a go yourself.

There is an inherent warning here: kinky fiction limits your reader demographic, and could completely cut certain people out of it. That being said, who cares? You shouldn't be writing erotic fiction with that in mind anyway.

So, I want to issue a challenge: research  kink you may (or may not) know about, and write something from it. You never know what you'll hit.

Also, as a sort of aside, I'll be launching myself into a little skiff of writing myself, all on this blog, and all for you.

Happy holidays, everybody.
Raven de Hart

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