Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Notice from the Throne Room


Before I continue, I first must say this: happy holidays!

Now for the news: I have become a bit of a submiting snowstorm in this wintery, cold climate. My work has been sent off to be examined for Roboterotica here and for Ravenous Romance's Geek Love anthology. I also plan to write my little old heart out for Under the Cape, also through Ravenous Romance.

Don't think I've forgotten you, though--I have a Christmas miracle planned for each and every lovely follower of mine, both here and on de Hart's List.

I can't give away every secret--I would be out of this business if I did--it is in my nature to tease and tantalize you.
  1. You will get three things for the price of none.
  2. These three things wil get you through the cold, sexless winter.
  3. These three things will have a specific theme drawing them all together.
That shouldn't be so hard to figure out. However, as is the nature of this world in which we live, and in which I write, I must away with no other words about it.

May your days vbe filled with only the sexiest men of the highest libido--that's what I ask Santa for every year, after all,

Raven de Hart

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