Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: EQUILIBRIUM by Katey Hawthorne

Today, I have a treat: a review of a book I've been dying to read, and review, and generally praise.

This morning, right off of a long stint of reading Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Left Hand of Darkness", I finally got to crack open the wonder that is "EQUILIBRIUM", and devoured it in three hours. Yes, it's shorter than a lot of books--but who ever said that had to be a downside? Within those 108 pages, you'll find not only a strong, worthwhile romance, but panic, laughs, and those little prickly tears that never quite fall.

And there's the sex. We can't forget the sex.

The characters draw you in: you will want Hansen and Sam to hook up, and not just physically (the author leaves us not wanting any more of that--there's plenty of 'hooking up' to be had in this story). You want them to get together, and you'll have your pitchfork at the ready in case they don't.

The world and the science of the superhuman power don't, as those sorts of things have a tendency to do, overpower anything. It's subtle, wielded like a painter would chartreuse--just enough to make it bright, but not a chartreuse canvas. Of course, she includes it in the sweaty, salty, salacious scenes as well--a bite of lightning, warm hands 'down there'--but, in what is easily my favorite image of the entire book, an image that will stick with me for a long time, I believe, is Sam covered in thin streaks of lightning, just releasing it in the backyard. It's a delicious scene.

Now, I may not be able to sway you (though I hope I can), but I have been swayed, and bow at the Altar of Katey (not really, but I love melodrama!). If you still have doubts, you can check out her website, Superpowered Love. Still not convinced? Look at her Free Reads (Jealousy and The Best Gift Ever), both set in the same world (and relationship) as Equilibrium. If you still persist in your lack of faith, head over to the Equilibrium Page or, if you have been swayed, snag a copy at the Loose Id Store.

Peaceful reading,

Friday, December 23, 2011

On Writing Kinks

Before we begin, my lovelies, I have to tell you right now that this is not about writing fetish fiction. I won't get into the details on what the precise differences are, but for those that know and stumble into this article, I understand the differences between fetishes and kinks.

And so we begin.

Writing 'kinky' fiction is, in point of fact, a different art than writing your basic (contemporary) graphic romance. Maybe not as different as, say, a spaghetti western and literary bizzaro, but as different as science fiction and fantasy. In science fiction, you blow things up with antimatter, and in fantasy you wave your wand and it explodes. The same is true here. In contemporary erotic fiction, the characters get off the 'old-fashioned' way. In kinky fiction, they get off through spanking, latex, leather, ropes, hot wax, and all variety of more and less risky or generally accepted activities.

As with anything, you need to show a respect. You might think you know about bondage play, but do you actually know, or are you getting into it on too shallow of a level. Yes, the R-word--research. Talk to people, read, and, if you're daring enough, give it a go yourself.

There is an inherent warning here: kinky fiction limits your reader demographic, and could completely cut certain people out of it. That being said, who cares? You shouldn't be writing erotic fiction with that in mind anyway.

So, I want to issue a challenge: research  kink you may (or may not) know about, and write something from it. You never know what you'll hit.

Also, as a sort of aside, I'll be launching myself into a little skiff of writing myself, all on this blog, and all for you.

Happy holidays, everybody.
Raven de Hart

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Release

It's here: Ho Ho Ho: A Trio of Snowy Sensuality is now available for purchase on Smashwords.

"The storm cleared and—I almost shit myself—there was a guy there, right on the stump. He reached into the air above him and pulled down a pristine, white tuxedo jacket, slipping it over his bare chest. His hair was equally white, cropped short against his skull. He rolled his shoulders like he was just getting up from a long nap—I guess he was, actually. With a snap, dark blue dress pants materialized over his toned legs.It’s about to be, “Same to you.”"
Jesus, he was pretty."

"Damien. Six feet of concentrated Slavic sex. He smiled with a thousand teeth, silky, black eyes brightening as he looked at Bryan, “Hey what’s the deal? You said you needed me to come over?”
“Yeah.” Bryan started towards the bedroom, “The heater in my room’s all wonky. It’s cold as a motherfucker in there at night.”
Damien looked up at the mistletoe, “Oh, merry Christmas.”

"I found him in the club and wanted him. He was sipping something creamy pink out of a martini glass, bobbing his head to the electronica pumping across the dance floor. He barely hid his goods with those leather shorts. Now, I’m not much for guys that skinny—or guys that blonde. I like to be manhandled a bit, and little guys like him can’t really pin me down. As for blondes—well, they’re just overrated.
It was the ink. He had beautiful, stylized tattoos covering his body, colors so bright I couldn’t miss them. I got to the bar, “Scotch and water.” I took the stool right beside my prey, “Hey.”
“What the fuck do you want?”"
These three stories, in their entirety, are all available for the low price of $0.99 at the link given up above
Take care and only the happiest of holidays to you all,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Notice from the Throne Room


Before I continue, I first must say this: happy holidays!

Now for the news: I have become a bit of a submiting snowstorm in this wintery, cold climate. My work has been sent off to be examined for Roboterotica here and for Ravenous Romance's Geek Love anthology. I also plan to write my little old heart out for Under the Cape, also through Ravenous Romance.

Don't think I've forgotten you, though--I have a Christmas miracle planned for each and every lovely follower of mine, both here and on de Hart's List.

I can't give away every secret--I would be out of this business if I did--it is in my nature to tease and tantalize you.
  1. You will get three things for the price of none.
  2. These three things wil get you through the cold, sexless winter.
  3. These three things will have a specific theme drawing them all together.
That shouldn't be so hard to figure out. However, as is the nature of this world in which we live, and in which I write, I must away with no other words about it.

May your days vbe filled with only the sexiest men of the highest libido--that's what I ask Santa for every year, after all,

Raven de Hart