Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Kitten Knights Launch Party

I believe I promised you all a party, yes? Then a party you shall receive! Over at the castle of the Kitten Knights, the Twelve Days Release Party is only twelve days away!

What can you expect? Photography to tease your sensibilities, seeds to sprout your sensual stories, books to read, products to purchase, tales to tantalize your titillation, and a few more surprises on top of that. Of course, I'll be doing my part, but we really have Nova Chalmers, Ann Gem, and Blyth Nyx to thank for this wonderful world of whoopee.

You might also see some extras just for you in your inbox, so be warned--they might not all be appropriate for young (or parental (or spousal)) eyes.

Happy Holidays, my lovelies,
Raven de Hart

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