Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Kitten Knights Launch Party

I believe I promised you all a party, yes? Then a party you shall receive! Over at the castle of the Kitten Knights, the Twelve Days Release Party is only twelve days away!

What can you expect? Photography to tease your sensibilities, seeds to sprout your sensual stories, books to read, products to purchase, tales to tantalize your titillation, and a few more surprises on top of that. Of course, I'll be doing my part, but we really have Nova Chalmers, Ann Gem, and Blyth Nyx to thank for this wonderful world of whoopee.

You might also see some extras just for you in your inbox, so be warned--they might not all be appropriate for young (or parental (or spousal)) eyes.

Happy Holidays, my lovelies,
Raven de Hart

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Sashay Into the World

The real world, my darlings. Thanks to a lovely little spark of inspiration, my other projects have been shoved to the side in favor of a somewhat frightening, but quite exciting opportunity to toss my name into the real world of publishing. I cannot say for certain that I will make it into this lovely anthology, considering I must struggle just to finish writing it in time for the submission deadline, but it is my first attempt. It could fail miserably, or be a smashing, sensual success.

Another trip into the real world may also be in my—and your—future. No, I fear I cannot travel too far from my home to visit you all—my condition as of right now is not the best it could be—but I can—and very well may—be starting in on a new project, one which you can immediately access, once it has been formed.

That's all I can say on the matter, my loves. Mum's the word on some things, and this is—for now—one of those things.

What I can do is introduce you to a fellow scribbler of sexual sensibilities, a teller of tantalizing tales, and a fabricator of fornicating fantasies: Katey Hawthorne. She offers all of the world a free taste of her literary lasciviousness through Smashwords, and I quite recommend that you read it. If your tastes are in line with my own—I hope they are—you will likely find that it hooks you. Maybe, come the future times for your little Raven, I can convince her to pay us a visit here.

Verily Vivacious,

Raven de Hart

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Erotic Release

Darlings, my darlings! I have managed to abandon you all once again! Forgive me, but in my age I have simply flown off into the nether-regions of my own forgetfullness.

Fear not, though--I have a draft for my next tittilating tale sitting in the works, slowly but surely being edited. My next erotic release will come soon, I promise--mid-December, at the lastest.

Now, I must away...I have a...client waiting in the wings for me.

Raven de Hart