Friday, August 5, 2011

Raven de Hart has Reclaimed the Throne

I welcome you all, once more, into my kingdom. I can not express in full enough terms how I love each of you, how your lives give my work purpse and meaning. To know that you are reading these stories, and perhaps rereading them, does my poor heart good. I feel that introductions are in order.

I am Raven de Hart, the Weaver of Dreams. Forbidden dreams, to be more precise. The sultriest forays into the taboo are mine for the picking, and pick I do, weaving them into a particular type of story.

In my absence from this throne, things have changed, both in me and in the world. Therefore I have opened my doors to you all so that you may sit in the spledor of my throne room, my sanctum, and drink of my wine. Partake of all that is here, for I can find plentiful more. Read the scrolls I hand around the room, for this is the reason we have truly come together. Bawdy, salacious, tantalizing tales to arouse your...curiosities.

I hope you will stay with me long,

Raven de Hart

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