Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Pale Blue Dot

Life here on our pale blue dot of the universe can be so queer sometimes, don't you agree? I have only just retaken my throne, and already pressing matters require me to leave. Fear not, for through the magic of this internet, I can remain connected to you all as I drink of the wine of life this glorious weekend.

I am scheduled to make a journey to a festival called SpoCon, wherein the area's brightest scientists, bards, story-tellers, and artists conjoin in the frivolity of life.

Now, while this focuses on the myths and the art of the future, this festival also draws in numerous people, many of whom I am sure I can draw my specific sort of inspiration from. Yes, I take this journey for you, my people, to imporve my craft and improve my tales.

I may also seek out the local, how shall I say, 'loose men' of the area to gain still more, shall we say, 'first hand' experience.

I leave you with this image, in the hopes that it might carry you through to the next scroll:

Cloth wrappings, shorn and sheared and tossed aside, lit by licks of flame.

Raven de Hart

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Shauna said...

I adore a good story teller as a
good myth.