Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Good morrow, my fair people.

I bring news. As of yesterday, on that most glorious of days, I am a knight. While it would normally be beneath me to take on such a menial task, I am willing to take the slings and arrows of fate for this order of knights.

The Kitten Knights are those who I speak of, founded by Blyth Nyx, Nova Chalmers, and Ann Gem.

What does this mean? One thing, of course--the gospel of de Hart shall be spread further still! Wine for all!

On top of this--yes, thre is even more--I ahve spread my ventures to Smashwords, beginning with "House Arrest. While I lament the death of the stories in their blog format, we must evolve or perish, no? They will no longer be presented here, I am afraid, but fear not--they can be found on Smashwords with little to no difficulty--I will post links.

So you can see where I have fallen just slightly behind, no?

To my work, then,
Raven de Hart

1 comment:

Nova Chalmers said...

And we are honored to have thee. Hazah! And, er, share the wine for heaven's sake.