Monday, August 8, 2011

House Arrest

Hello, my lovelies. Finally, after such a long time waiting, I am here to deliver this scroll unto you all. Read it and be merry!

Raven de Hart

“Don’t worry about anything, Mrs. James. I’m a professional.” The woman, luggage in hand, still didn’t look convinced, but Levi needed this job. There wasn’t a whole lot of need for a personal guard in the suburbs, so he had to jump on any job that came his way—even if it was just some brat on house arrest. Levi led her to the door before she had any more time to change her mind, “Trust me, he’ll be fine. I can handle whatever he throws my way. Go on your vacation and relax.”

“O-Okay.” He moved behind her to make sure she couldn’t turn back into the house without going straight through him, “Just remember that he can’t go past the edges of the yard and he’s not allowed to watch TV or get on the computer or play video games or—“

“Relax,” he laughed. “Nothing’s going to go wrong.”

She still didn’t look reassured and he had a suspicion as to why, “Aren’t you a little, well young?”

He did his level best to hide his annoyance, though he didn’t know how well it worked. As long as he could remember, people had told him he looked too young. He knew he had a baby face, but it didn’t do him any good to be constantly reminded of it, “I’m twenty-eight. Please, put some faith in me, Mrs. James.”

She sighed, dropped her shoulders, and smiled at him, “All right. You’re the professional. My cell phone number is on the fridge if anything goes wrong.” She hesitated again, staring into the house behind Levi and shaking her head, “Maybe I do need to go on a vacation.”

She finally turned around, got in her car, and drove out of sight, “Thank God.” She made him uncomfortable. Then again, so did most women. He closed the door, turning the lock on the deadbolt, and went back into the living room, “Your mother’s gone, so you can relax.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I am relaxed.”

Levi had to admit that he looked decently relaxed. He was on the couch, shirtless, and scratching himself without a hint of discretion. Normally, Levi would have agreed, but he knew better. At least, he thought he knew better, “I know you’re just putting on a show for your mom, trying to look like you don’t give a damn, but I’m not buying it.”

“You don’t have to.”

“Fine.” He wasn’t sure exactly what this ploy would win him, but it couldn’t hurt to put him in his place. He slipped out of his shirt and tossed it on the floor. He realized soon after that it wasn’t his best move. The room didn’t feel cold—if you were wearing clothes. Maybe a minute after he tossed aside the T-shirt, his nipples hardened. Still, he had to continue with it—anything to show Tyson he was no longer in charge, “Well you can’t very well relax wearing jeans.”

He saw the hesitation pass across Tyson’s face, darkening his brown eyes almost to black, but he definitely had the balls to play this game with him, “You’re right.” He stood up and pulled the denim down. Levi wished he wouldn’t have, “What, you didn’t go commando when you were my age?”
He struggled a little to pull his pants over the ankle bracelet, but before too long, Tyson was naked and back on the couch. There was no longer any mystery as to just what he was scratching. Levi cocked his head, hoping the young man didn’t notice he was just stalling for time, “How old are you?”


“And you’re only on house arrest?”

He snickered, “They took pity on me because it was my first offense.” He snorted, “I’m sure glad I never got caught in high school.” He eyed Levi and the redhead’s heart jumped a little. He patted the couch, “Well, take a load off. It’s not like I’m going anywhere any time soon.”

After a few moments of hard consideration, he sat down on the rough fabric, making sure to put a good six inches between himself and Tyson, “You seem to be handling house arrest fairly well.”

“Well, it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty cell mate like you.”

Whoa. Was he flirting or just keeping up his act? Levi didn’t ask, but he figure it couldn’t hurt to try and probe a little more, “What, are you going to make me your bitch now that you’re in prison?”

He spread his legs out in response, brushing his knee against Levi’s. A shiver of cold excitement snaked up his spine, but he stifled it, “I won’t say no, but I’d pay close attention from now on.”

He couldn’t, could he? No, that would be unprofessional. Then again, he crossed the line of professionalism as soon as he told Tyson to take off his jeans, right? What was one more step? The whole time they sat there, hours, it seemed, Levi batted those questions back and forth in his head. A part of him wanted to throw all caution to the wind and have at it—and that was a part he’d neglected in the past few months. The logical part knew what the ‘right’ thing was, but he couldn’t shake that tiny voice: you need to let loose. He started to strain against the denim of his jeans as his lust grew. He doubted Tyson would notice unless he tried to readjust it, but that’s what every synapse shrieked him to do. Instead, he could only sit there in ever-growing worry, ever-increasing desire. He had to say something—however long he’d been sitting like this, that much silence would raise anyone’s eyebrows, “Aren’t guards supposed to thoroughly search the prisoners?” While Levi worried, Tyson had already gotten off the couch and bent over the low coffee table. With his feet spread easily two-shoulder-widths apart, every bit of smooth skin was exposed. Levi’s whole body tightened up, “I might be carrying contraband.”

Keep it together. As long as he kept himself in control, Tyson would eventually quit this game and move on, right? He cleared his throat, but didn’t risk standing up, “You might be carrying contraband on house arrest?”

“Maybe I’ve got some weed up there.” He wasn’t even playing around the subject anymore, reaching a hand back and pulling the split open even wider, “Isn’t it your job to keep me from doing anything naughty?”

“No.” He had to struggle to keep his voice steady, “I’m getting paid to make sure you don’t get out of your ankle bracelet somehow. That’s it.”

“Come on, now,” he simpered. “I promise not to tell anyone, officer.”
It had taken him all of two seconds to lose control of the situation, and he didn’t see it coming back again anytime soon. His seven inches struggled, trying to claw its way forward. He felt the familiar ache down in the core of his being—if he didn’t take this calmly he’d end up pouncing on Tyson and having his way. He cleared his throat again and stood up, taking the time to readjust the rising snake in his jeans, “You’re acting pretty suspicious.” His mouth had gone dry, lips tacky and sticking together with every touch, “I’ll give you one chance to come clean about what you’ve got. If you don’t take it, I’ll report anything I find straight to the police.”

“It sounds like you want me to do your job for you.” Tyson shimmied himself as close to the edge of the table as possible without his hands slipping off, “Or are you worried you don’t know what to do?”

Not in the slightest, “All right, I gave you a chance. Where are the gloves?”

“We don’t have any.” He flexed the muscles of his entrance, contracting the tiny circle down to a nearly invisible dot, “I guess you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.”

He swallowed hard, catching himself massaging his growing member, “Well, I’d tell you to bend over, but you seem to have taken care of that.” He knew it was only stalling, but some tiny voice of reason still tried to keep Levi from doing the inevitable—and it was looking more and more inevitable by the second, “I hope you know I won’t be able to just slide my finger in there, no problem.”

Tyson didn’t miss a beat, “I bet you’re resourceful enough to figure something out.”

He didn’t have another excuse to use, and the morally corrupt option had long since flown out the window. He knelt down, using Tyson’s back to help support him until he was on his knees, lungs filling with the pungent scent of sweat. He ran his hands along the tan lines of the young man’s hips, coming to the center and pulling the two muscles apart. They didn’t budge much, but he needed more time to brace himself for this. With one hand, he fumbled his zipper down and finally let himself fly loose. The colder than average air chilled the precum glistening on the tip of his shaft, sending another rush of sensation through his nerves. He wrapped his fingers around the rod, his face inching closer and closer to Tyson’s hole. He watched the muscles flex again, tightening and loosening. Levi’s whole palate filled with musk as he breathed in the scents and tastes. He parted his lips, no more than half an inch from the entrance now, and darted his tongue out, just brushing the skin. Saltiness covered his taste buds, the muscles pressing back against him. He dove at it this time, his face fully buried in between the two muscles. He ran his tongue around the crevice, licking up and down the milky flesh. Every time he passed over the hole, he considered finishing what he started, but whatever shred of a professional guard he had left in him at this point convinced him not to.

Apparently, somewhere in his self-love, he hit just the right nerve. A shockwave vibrated through his dick, breaking apart the knotted nerves in his belly, and short-circuited the inhibitors in his brain. Levi gathered up as much saliva as he could muster, all the while pressing his lips against the hole. He felt Tyson squirm, but he never seemed to want to get away. He squelched out the mouthful of spit, the liquid running cold down his chin. He’d stalled enough. His lips opened up just enough and he wriggled his tongue out. Tyson’s muscles tightened up to a barrier, but he kept massaging them with his tongue until they gave way and he made it inside.
Tyson had fantasized about rimming for as long as he knew it existed. He cruised the personals to find a guy that would be willing to do it for him, but always chickened out before it went any farther than dirty talk. In high school, he was always the one to suggest they all play truth or dare, a lot of times just to get to a point when he could dare one of the guys to go for it, but it always felt wrong to him.

As Levi’s tongue swirled and darted around inside of him, it no longer felt wrong. He did his best to avoid clenching down on the intruder as it meandered across the flesh, seemingly sampling every inch it could reach. It got to the point that he panted and whimpered, try as he might to avoid making any pathetic noises—he wanted to maintain control of the situation.

The thick muscle spiraled out of him slowly, but too soon. He wanted to keep it in him as long as possible, but that was one thing about this he absolutely couldn’t control. He found himself flexing his hole, some kind of involuntary reaction to the sudden emptiness, he guessed, “I think you’re lubricated enough.” He sort of wanted to argue the point with him, grunting the beginning of a ‘yes’, but it wasn’t long before the pressure against the tiny ring of muscles returned. With the slick saliva coating the flesh, it didn’t take any effort for the finger to slide into him. The pressure traced circles in his ass, twisting in and out in the process. When the pressure hit his prostate, Levi’s knuckles pressing against his spread cheeks, it wasn’t so much a whimper or a groan as a wheeze, deep and long like he’d just pumped the bellows of some long-neglected organ—which, in a way he had.

Levi’s finger trailed over that lump of flesh, trained on it like a hunting hawk, and Tyson continued to wheeze. The finger wormed its way out and he started to clench and unclench again, but it wasn’t more than a few seconds before something began to work its way into him again, a tighter fit than before, “I think you’re clean, but I have to make absolutely sure. It’s my job, right?” He kicked the two fingers around in Tyson’s hole, his knuckles ground up against the flesh again. The tightness caused a surge of icy pain to travel through him and he winced, his breaths drawing short. Soon after, he heard a change in the breathing coming from behind him. They grew louder and sharper and the pair of fingers working on him moved faster, thrusting deeper and harder until it started to hurt—a good hurt. On one of the backward draws, Levi pulled all the way out, his now free hand resting heavy on his ass. He could feel weight and pressure from the hand and heard Levi groan a little as he rose back to his feet. More weight came to rest on his hips. Levi didn’t say a word as he shimmied further up Tyson’s back, the hard cock resting along his spine. He felt the rough pounding as the redhead jacked himself off until the final, inhaled groan signaled the end. Warm cum splattered between Tyson’s shoulder blades, but cooled almost immediately. He counted the spurts—one, two, three, four—the fifth spray came with a shaking that traveled through both of them. As his dick grew soft, Levi slid off, leaving a thin trail of cold along Tyson’s back, “I guess you weren’t carrying anything in there after all, were you?”

Spent, he flopped back on the couch, his erection showing no signs of dropping down yet, “You were right. My bad.”

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